Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Harper!

A year ago today at 4:41 pm you came into this world screaming, crying and peeing all over the place (according to your grandma). The little girl that I had so longed for, but wasn't sure would ever come to be. You were perfect. Seven pounds and fourteen ounces of pure bliss.Your daddy was half a world away in Afghanistan, but with us in heart. As soon as I saw you and the nurse said you had my dimple I was in love. A love so grand and instantaneous. Your brother was the first to hold you, and he loves you so. Nowadays you follow him around and bug him, but I know that the love you two will have will last forever. 

The last twelve months have been amazing. I worried if I could ever love the second child as much as the first. I found you can. Your heart just grows in size to fit all the love. You amaze me every single day. You love to chase the dog while screaming Ellie at the top of your lungs. Your laugh is infectious, and I love watching you learn. I know that the years to come will be just as amazing. I can't believe you are one today. Time goes by too quickly. 

Dearest Harper, your daddy & I love you more then words can express. One day when you become a mother you will understand. You are my sunshine and my heart and soul. You make every day so great. I look forward to many more years of birthdays, hugs and smiles. Happy 1st Birthday baby girl. I love you.