I'm 29 years old. I'm a Sagittarius to a T. I've been happily married for almost 9 years. Momma to two little ones, with #3 on the way after a loss. Landon is 8 and Harper is 2. Fur momma to Lola the Labrador. I can't survive without my morning coffee. I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire. I am a new home owner and we are currently trying to fix our new home up. I love a good glass of wine and lazy Sunday mornings. I'm an open book, but learning to reel that in. Feel free to email me at kelly_wagg@hotmail.com if you'd like to chat/advertise/sponsor.
This is my 3rd blog (ugh I know). Formerly Lifeasamilitarywife.com and then loveandlattes.com but since godaddy.com won't let me into my account here I am! ;)

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