Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm sure everyone and their mother watched the Superbowl. It's only one of the most watched shows ever. We geared up for the game by wearing some Ravens gear and baking Ravens cupcakes. We went to my father in laws for the game and ate wings, cheese sticks, shrimp, buffalo chicken dip and every other awful thing you can think of. Oh so good, but so terrible for you (dieting starts now!) It was a close game and eventful. I loved Beyonce's half time show and I especially loved that it was all GIRLS! The Sandy Hook choir made me cry and the lights going off irritated me, but our boys won! Woot!! Here are some pics from the day.


 Looking so grown up here.

 Sporting her Ravens bow.


  Ravens Cupcakes

 Father in law decorated

The ONLY Ravens thing available in the state of WV. Not even kidding. 

So happy that the Ravens won, but the 49ers played an amazing game as well! Hats off to them! I wish we could be in Baltimore to celebrate tomorrow!!

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